Clothed sensual massage for women

  • Massage is taken clothed; no need to undress
  • No oil required
  • Abdominal massage and stimulation to G and C spot using percussion and vibration massage machines
  • Helpful in reduction of chronic pain:
    • Headaches, especially as a result of premenstrual tension
    • Aids relaxation and better quality sleep
    • Stress incontinence
    • Menopause issues related to dryness
    • Strengthens pelvic floor
    • Flushes the toxins which can cause urinary tract infections
  • Unique massage which can produce multiple climaxes
  • To see how percussion massage works see

There has been a great deal written on the topic of the G spot in terms of its existence.  It is said to be an internal part of the Clitoral organ which when stimulated correctly, can produce an intense climax, and in some cases, ejaculation.  There is a video on You Tube entitled “English: G Spot, A Scientific Research”, which discusses the G spot’s perceived existence (or lack of) at some length, and suggests that women with a larger clitoris or larger space between the vagina and urethra may have a more heightened perception of having a G spot than others.

People who understand the location and characteristics of the G spot, focus on making single or two finger stimulation of the interior ‘roof’ of the vagina and work back toward the front wall to stimulate the area.  This is sometimes combined with a thumb on the clitoral head to maximize the eventual climax.

There is now another way to stimulate the G spot – externally, while fully clothed.

Some women have spoken of enjoying additional stimulation when the area between their pubic bone and abdomen is pressed down upon while having intercourse, and in some cases, without intercourse (please Google article from S. Nicole Lane from 26/04/18: How to stimulate the G spot from the outside).  It has been noted that some women are able to self pleasure with a percussion massager and obtain intense orgasm, in many cases accompanied by ejaculation or squirting.  You can view videos showing this type of stimulation on Pornhub using Back Massager as a search reference.  Please be aware that some of these (not all) contain nudity.

Indeed, the inventor of the Hi Massager (Google it) found this to be the case when he developed a combined percussion and vibration massager to help his wife recover from post-operative C section pain and discomfort: while helping to ease the pain, the percussion action either side of the pubic bone had stimulatory effects.

What I offer:

I have been using percussion massagers (see photos of the massagers above) as part of my conventional massage work since I have been practicing massage as they provide huge benefits for loosening tissue when partnered with traditional hand movements.

I have also been using Doxy vibrating wand massagers to provide additional stimulation during sensual massages for women.  These wands are a more powerful version of the American Hitachi Magic Wand which itself became famous when Betty Dodson started giving masturbation lessons to women in New York in the early 70s.  She outlines their use in her text “Sex for One – The Joy of Selfloving”.  Betty Dodson is 90 years old – proof in itself that self pleasuring is beneficial.

In terms of the massage itself, by placing the percussion massager heads either side of the pubic bone, I can stimulate both the lower abdomen and the clitoral hood.  I can combine this with the Doxy wand which is placed in front of the vaginal area to stimulate the clitoral legs and giving simultaneous G spot and clitoral stimulation to climax.

These machines are very powerful so this massage can be given fully clothed through leggings, but I would recommend the wearing of sports shorts so that a leg and thigh massage can be given before and after the stimulation element as a pre and post relaxer.

I invite those who would like a more sensual massage but are nervous about getting undressed to try this new type of massage.  A good, deep climax while giving a good hit of dopamine, can also help you fully relax and deal with daily stress and anxiety.

Detailed Benefits:

  • Assists in stress and anxiety relief through endorphin release
  • Assists with relaxation and better quality/deeper sleep
  • Can ease migraine headaches brought on through PMS by reducing the painful effects of cramping (Your GP should still assist in the first instance if you are experiencing severe pain)
  • Can ease menopause symptoms including vaginal dryness and atrophy by increasing blood flow to the vaginal area which in turn can help lubricate the area, helping to ease symptoms of dryness and itching
  • Helps in strengthening the pelvic floor, increasing support to the bladder and uterus which can help reduce stress incontinence and also lead to a stronger climax
  • Boosts immune system and white blood cell count
  • Endometriosis sufferers can benefit from abdominal massage post treatment (Medical practitioner’s advice should be sought first)
  • Can assist with lower abdominal pain relief for post C-section recovery (Medical practitioner’s advice should be sought first)
  • Fibromyalgia sufferers may achieve some relief through endorphin release
  • Unlike other types of massage, this massage does help to flush out toxins, including those which could trigger uterine cancer and other disorders
  • Empowering treatment which can help women to explore multiple climax and ejaculation through simultaneous external stimulation of G and C spot
  • Massage is a natural form of pain relief – climax turbocharges the effects