Sensual massage

I offer a genuine sensual massage for clients wishing to enjoy enhanced relaxation through a full body treatment where arousal is expected and encouraged from an open minded and non judgmental masseur.  My normal pricing schedule applies for sensual massage; I believe that it is unethical to charge extra for sensual massage but many masseurs charge more on an hourly basis. 

This massage is available to women, men and couples regardless of sexual orientation.  Normal towel draping rules are very relaxed; clients can be draped or undraped.

My sensual massage service incorporates Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage techniques and provides enhanced coverage of body areas normally ignored or avoided by the usual massage styles.  These areas include the glutes, adductors, upper hamstrings, upper quads, upper Iliotibial bands and Tensor Fascia Lata (hip flexors).

You are welcome and encouraged to bring your partner or a friend if this would make you more comfortable.


60 minutes - £40

75 minutes - £50

90 minutes - £60

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